Fuel oil energy generation in Baja California Sur deteriorates air quality and increases risks caused by COVID-19

In the face of the health crisis, CEMDA, among other organizations, spoke up so that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) stops any project related to fuel oil energy generation in Baja California Sur. The use of fuel oil deteriorates air quality and brings great health consequences for the population. This situation is aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEMDA’s director, Gustavo Alanís Ortega, stated that “the world is moving towards low carbon consuming economy configuration. Mexico cannot stay behind. States like Baja California Sur must take advantage of their high potential for renewable energy generation, so that they may gravitate towards cleaner, and more renewable models which do not harm their population’s health”.

Along with the Citizen Observatory “Cómo Vamos La Paz” and the Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality Center (CERCA), CEMDA insisted on the fact that Baja California Sur has an energy demand which must be met by switching to renewable energies. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 reminds us that bad air quality deteriorates the respiratory system and makes it more vulnerable to diseases.

Tren Maya’s social and environmental repercussions

Despite the Stage 3 of health contingency caused by COVID-19 and suspension of one section of the Tren Maya granted by the authorities, this infrastructural project still remains active. Since its authorization, this project has been denounced for violating standards of the indigenous communities’ right to consultation, besides the fact that the Tren Maya will bring severe repercussions to this zone rich in biological and cultural diversity.

Because of this, during the month of April we have continued our labour of informing people about the consequences of this project’s development to the communities and the environment by resorting to several digital tools while also respecting the health regulations decreed by the authorities.


Justice for Adán Vez Lira

Last April 8th, the environmental defender, Adán Vez Lira was killed in Actopan municipality in Veracruz. CEMDA’s team expressed its sincere and deepest condolences to his family and friends. Adán’s passing left an irreplaceable spot in the fight for the defense of the environment.

We demand that the local and federal authorities investigate this crime extensively and that those responsible be held responsible. To avoid that Adán’s death goes unpunished, all lines of investigation must be exhausted, including his labour towards environmental human rights.

Vez Lira worked tirelessly in the protection of mangroves swamps, dunes and every other ecosystem of Veracruz’s central coast. Moreover, he did an intense job in regards to the environment inside his municipality. The authorities must take the necessary steps to guarantee the safety of human rights activists.